Damon Brown

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Damon’s Story…

Damon was born in Lansing, Michigan. His youth was spent in the suburbs of Detroit in the days when kids would play outdoors until the street lights came on. He was always active; swimming at the community pool, playing sports, riding bicycles and skiing in the winter at the family’s Northern Michigan cottage. The life of the outdoors is a theme that ran through his entire life. His early philosophy of, ‘why be inside, when you could be out exploring the world’, stayed with him and eventually was transferred to his son.

When the family moved to Greenbrae, California, Damon attended Redwood High School. There he was inspired by an experimental program called Environmental Education. This intensive program immersed students in all aspects of environmental issues. It made perfect sense when Damon went on to a career in the environmental geological field. He received his Bachelor of Science from U.C. Santa Cruz in Earth Sciences and went on to receive a Master of Science from Colorado State University in Geology.

His early geologic work included groundwater monitoring, slope stability, seismicity and faulting. He worked for Emcon and Herzog and in 1991 joined EBA Waste Technologies. Damon remained with EBA Engineering where he became a partner and President of the firm. Over the years, Damon became a Certified Engineering Geologist, a Certified Hydrogeologist, and a Registered Professional Geologist in California, Arizona and Wyoming. One of his papers on the construction of landfill liners in a high seismic risk area was a finalist for a NAGS Award of Excellence.

While at Colorado State University, he met the love of his life, Sarah Andrews, also a geologist. They had a perfect marriage; supporting each other’s dreams and passions and growing a strong bond together. They loved to travel and meet people everywhere they went. They explored the U.S. and their foreign travels included Bulgaria, New Zealand, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, Barcelona and Venice. They stayed in contact with these friends, visiting them as much as possible and hosting them at their home in Sebastopol, California. Damon was still lunching and talking with friends from high school and UCSC days.

In 1994, their son, Duncan, was born and the happy family was complete. They had many amazing experiences and travels together. They would enjoy family dinners every night. Holidays would bring the extended family together along with friends near and far. Their home was always bursting with found treasures, photos, and rocks of all shapes and sizes. If you showed them a picture, the first thing they would do is identify the rock formation in the background, often having a debate over the nature of its origins.

Damon had a number of recreational interests – skiing, scuba diving, fencing, sailing, backpacking, kayaking, river rafting, flying, competitive shooting, hunting, the list could go on. His early passion was sailing. He would often race in San Francisco Bay. His biggest passion was flying! Once he became a pilot, he owned a single engine plane which he upgraded to his ladylove, a 1965 95-B55 twin-engine Baron Beechcraft. He spent many hours in the Baron traveling for work and having adventures with family and friends on board. Every year the family would fly to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for one of the largest aviation gatherings in the world. He and his family participated in the largest civilian formation flight ever accomplished with 149 ships (Bonanzas to Oshkosh), which was the largest formation flight since D-Day.

Damon’s knowledge of guns started early, the whole family would shoot rats at the dump! Competitive shooting became an interest later in his life. As with all his interests, he poured his heart and soul into it and was able to use his life-learned wisdom of wind patterns, patience, meticulous measurements and calculations to earn a Distinguished Rifleman Badge. He wasn’t known to boast about himself, but this was a rare achievement of which he was tremendously proud.

Damon was an accomplished man; serious, determined and extremely capable, but very fun-loving, adventurous and witty. With his quick smile and big laugh, he will never be forgotten.