My wife (Vicky) and I live in Taiwan and did not see this news until last night. The weight of this news is so heavy as we have not heard from Duncan in so long. Duncan is someone we often talk about because he really became family during his short time here. He made such an impact on us. He joined our family dinner table for Chinese New Year, celebrated the lantern festival in Pingxi with us and we had many other adventures around Taipei.
Vicky is Taiwanese and I am from San Francisco, so naturally we connected as we are from the same part of the world. I met him in January 2017. Duncan asked me if there was an Ikea nearby as I was leaving a market. We ended up talking for about a half hour. He was so friendly and inquisitive. That night I took him to dinner where he met my wife. She immediately cared for him and treated him like family. Duncan wanted to experience as much of Taiwan as he could, so we did as many things together as time allowed before he left. Everything was more fun and memorable with him there.
Last time I saw Duncan was on a visit to the Bay Area. He drove almost four hours round trip just to meet up for lunch. He had a way of making people feel special. He was attentive when listening because he really cared and treated people’s words as windows to the world.
Duncan is remembered by Vicky, me, her children, nieces, nephew, mother and even Vicky’s children’s boyfriend and girlfriend of that time.