I knew Sarah through our love of butterflies. In my quest to establish a Pipevine swallowtail population in Sebastopol, I run out of Dutchman’s Pipevine to feed them near the end of the summer. Dear friends of mine Barry and Barbara Deutsch, have know Sarah, Damon and Duncan for years. They connected me to Sarah and so for the past three years Sarah and I gather pipevine in her garden together several times each summer.
She found out I was a furniture maker/designer and showed me all the family treasures in the house. And later that she had started woodworking.
The last time I saw her she was talking about looking forward to the flying trip and how many friends thought they were crazy. But how they loved it.
I loved Sarah’s warmth and especially her smile. I hold those.
And next year when the Pipevine Swallowtails emerge and take flight in my garden, I will be blessed with her presence.