Sarah Andrews was a gifted and talented Geologist, educator, writer, and artist. She was also a wonderful and caring mother for Duncan, and partner with Damon. I have known Sarah since the late 1970s when she came to CSU to work on an MS Degree in Geology with me. She graduated in 1981 and went to work for Amoco in Denver along with several other CSU students of that generation. Also in 1981 she published a seminal paper of the sedimentology of Great Sand Dunes, Colorado based on work that she accomplished at the USGS with her mentor Eddie McKee. While a graduate student at CSU and afterwards, Sarah often entertained us with her artistic ability, and sense of humor that included quirky cartoons on geology and the oil patch.
Some years later Damon came to CSU to work on his MS with Frank. He received his MS in 1994. Damon went on to become a very successful environmental geologist in California. How Sarah and Damon met is described in Sarah’s story on this web page.
Over the years we stayed close to the family visiting at Geology meetings, and in California and here in Colorado. Our last visit was here in Fort Collins in September 2018 for a symposium and field trip sponsored by the Geosciences Department. It is extremely difficult to come to grips with this sudden and terrible loss of a family who offered so much to everyone who knew and loved them. Damon, Sarah, and Duncan rest in peace. We miss you.