Sarah Andrews memories from Margie Chan

A WINNER: As you might expect for a writer, Sarah had an extensive vocabulary. This was particularly evident whenever we played any kind of word games – Scrabble, Boggle, Bananagrams, etc. Sarah always won and she was always more serious about it than the rest of us (maybe because we knew we couldn’t win!).

A MAGICIAN: On one of our early family trips with the Browns, 3 families with a total of 4 young boys all took to canoeing down the Green River. Damon flew a plane from Salt Lake City to Green River, UT (and back) and took a few extra riders with him to enjoy the spectacular scenery. After a day of rowing in the hot sun, we finally came to a spot called Crystal Geyser. As a large noisy group was leaving the geyser spot, we pulled in and got out of the canoes. We had the place to ourselves. Sarah went over to the well head vent and started vigorously waving her arms, sweeping them upward, encouraging the geyser to erupt. We were mildly amused when we noticed that the water was getting more bubbly and tingly, charged with CO2. Sarah continued her waving and pretty soon the water started bubbling higher and higher, soon surpassing our heads as it sputtered and gust upwards to heights of 60’. Wow, how lucky! Sarah had raised the geyser from its sleeping slumber, and we got a serendipitous sight. We yelled with delight. The cold spraying water was so refreshing on a hot summer day. This was especially a great memory because those eruptions were unpredictable (every 12-17 hours), and now poor Crystal Geyser has decreased to little more than a fizzle these days….. We have a special and unique memory.

A DEAR FRIEND: Sarah would often try to lure me to Sebastopol with what she called “Margie bait”- that is fresh blackberry pie (my favorite!). We went on many trips with the Brown family over the years dating back to at least 2001: Green River canoeing, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Calgary, Bodega Bay, and more. Our greatest adventure was rafting down the Colorado River though Grand Canyon (2007) under Damon’s leadership. Sarah planned all the food for 2 weeks for a large convivial group. Geology, rapids, eating, conversations, fun, and laughter filled days. It doesn’t get better than that!