I feel privileged to have known the Brown family and heartbroken about the loss. A close friend of Sarah’s cousin Dee, I first met Sarah and a month-old Duncan on a memorable occasion. Sarah was giving a reading at Black Oak Books in Berkeley following the publication of her first book, TENSLEEP. Dee and I were charged with entertaining the tiny baby while his mom held forth about her book. I was so taken with both of them that I read all but one of Sarah’s books, and I subsequently got to know Damon as well when I was a houseguest, along with Dee, at their home.

TENSLEEP stands out in my memory. Years ago I took my daughter and granddaughter on a driving trip in South Dakota and Wyoming, and we passed through Tensleep Canyon. I became very excited to recognize the site of this much-loved book. Needless to say, that memory is one I will cherish even more now.