Damon, Sarah, and Duncan had such a strong, cohesive family. I first met Sarah and Damon when Duncan was only a hope and a wish… They were active in our small town community, and always willing to help. Damon was my “go to” guy when I served on the community services district board – always willing to lend his expertise to our little town. Sarah was talented and thoughtful. She continued serving our community after Duncan was older as a valued member and board president of our community club. We shared the experience of having very bright children with significant learning disabilities…and we both found help for our kids that led them on a path to success. Sarah was never diagnosed or treated for her dyslexia, and we shared our worries for our bright kids. Duncan – he was a bright light. Always smiling, always engaged, always ready for a long rambling talk about planes or other mechanical issues with my husband. After he went to college, he would drop by the house to chat with David.

We lost friends and a wonderful family in that tragic crash. I’m still heartbroken about them, and feel a hole in my heart where they were…we didn’t spend enough time with them, but I will miss them so. We will be out of town the weekend of the memorial. Thank you for putting together this event so that friends can share their grief and loss. We will be thinking about the Brown family that day with love and longing.