How does one sum up, in only a few words, a man of so many? Here are a few that come to mind that I’m sure will resonate with everyone here:

Intelligence: the type of intelligence where you’re not sure how high on the scale he scores, or if we need a new scale.

Passion: again, I don’t think there is a scale that could measure his passion.

Caring: Duncan cared. He cared about his interests and hobbies; science, Architecture, design, Sci-Fi, music, and of course, flying. He cared about his job and performing well. He cared about the company. But maybe most of all, he cared about his friends and relationships. He cared about all of us.

When I first sat down with Duncan before he started with us I asked him why, after working at NASA, working all over the world, working as an Architect, he wanted to work with us. His answer didn’t really hit me until now; he said he couldn’t wait to work with us because he wanted to be a part of THAT team, THAT camaraderie, and to learn from all of us. Among all of his interests, that was what he valued most — what he cared about most.

Duncan, I feel at once privileged and heartbroken — that I got to share that short time with you, and I’m so happy we got to learn from each other.

Goodbye, bud, keep flying.